Birth of the Stanford GSB SMC Logo.

As part of a cross-promotional effort between the Stanford Entertainment & Sports Law Association and the GSB Sports Management club I designed the first-ever logo for the GSB SMC. This page traces the evolution of the logo from concept to final version. I had taken the project on voluntarily and thus had pretty wide lattitude as to design. I decided that the central metaphor should be the ticket as it captures the intersection of sport and business -- the point at which money changes hands for the entertainment being produced.

I used Adobe Illustrator 10 along with some touch-ups in Photoshop to create the logos. The color palate was based around the dark red, which is the GSB's take on Stanford cardinal (the color, not the bird).


Design Concept 1 -- Cartoon, "Modern"

The cartoon design was rejected by the SMC as being too "casual" and I'm tempted to agree with them.

Iteration 1

This concept ended up looking a little too much like a Dot.Boom version 1.0 idea. The sort of site that people loved in the first boom, but just screams unprofessional today.

Cartoon ogo v1

Iteration 2

The second version of this idea was even more cartoonish and ended up looking a lot like clipart.

Cartoon Logo v2

Design Concept 2 -- Cleaner, More Modern

This is more of a Second-Wave dot.boom look,, trying to get back to simple elements and clean design that says "adult" instead of "cartoon". That said, the very sparse lines still look efficient, fast, clean.

Iteration 1 Formal Logo v 1